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Global data availability has boomed, while the cost of data storage and processing has drastically decreased. This enables storing and analyzing data from sources that were previously unattainable, and thereby obtain more precise knowledge.

Utilizing data like customer demographics, transactional data, or data from governmental agencies in order to gain insights, was already possible a few years ago. Today we are able to use real-time data that offers insights about the users’ geographical position, their behavioral and communicative patterns, or even their sentiments and values. Current data streams include informal channels where the customers themselves interact with the environment, enabling a more intimate understanding of their motivation and needs. Insights and patterns, hidden in these large, complex and unstructured data sets can be spotted, due to powerful advanced analytics techniques.

As a global player, we deal with significant data arising from many projects that include multiple disciplines and (software) technologies which connect information from representations of physical and functional characteristic of the built environment including consultancy, planning, design, construction, operation, and maintenance, and represent physical and functional characteristics of any project.

Realizing the tremendous potential to boost our services using existing data and technology within data analytics and artificial intelligence, we continuously invested in collaborative research and development, forming excellence hubs around our data analytics capabilities and pushing for innovation.

To date we have delivered more than 230 projects that focus on Data Analytics to our clients. In these projects, our Data Analytics professionals have developed cutting-edge Analytics solutions ranging from descriptive to predictive and prescriptive analytics. This has enabled us to find evermore effective solutions, meeting client demands at a faster pace, and tackling larger and more impactful challenges every day.

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