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Electricity drives our global economy and powers smart technologies that enhance our quality of life.


Our clients in the power sector generate, transmit, and distribute many forms of power while many operate power generation facilities that convert other forms of energy, such as fossil fuels, nuclear, water, wind, and solar power, into electrical energy. However, the energy landscape as we know it is rapidly transforming. Large-scale renewable energy resources are beginning to dominate the future frontier. Smart grids are managing our increasing transnational supply and demand. In some countries, nuclear and fossil fuel plants will soon be decommissioned or suspended on short notice.

We understand the power sector and partner with our clients to solve the challenges they are facing. Working together with energy utilities, grid operators, governments, investors, developers and end users, we help our clients achieve their desired outcomes. 

Lisa Micheletti Cope

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Lisa Micheletti Cope

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Energy & Resources Global Market Sector Leader

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